EvoMPMI group at the chair of Phytopathology, TU Munich


Popgen TUM

The group collaborates with the lab of Professor Aurelien Tellier.

He is an expert in theoretical population genetics and studies processes like plant seed bank evolution and coevolution with pathogens

KamounLab, TSL

The KamounLab covers a wide variety of Molecular Plant Pathology projects. Our shared interest lie in the evolution of Phytophthora.

Phytopathology TUM

Our group is located at the chair of phytopathology at the TUM. We have access to all their lab facilities and have collaborative projects on the evolution of Barley diseases.


HuitemaLab, University of Dundee

The HuitemaLab studies the molecular mechanisms of infection. They focus on Phytophthora capsici and its interaction with tomato.


  • Stam [a]
  • Technical University of Munich
  • Chair of Phytopathology
  • Emil-Ramann-Str. 2
  • 85354 Freising
  • Germany